A Home Run For Investors Who Act Swiftly!

This enormous gold find could turn every $5,000 invested in Uranium Hunter now into $66,250 in the next 9 months. …but only if you get in now!

Global economic shenanigans mean that the 2013-2014 gold revival could be the big one.

Soaring profits will be up for grabs.

Nimble investors will want to claim a stake now in a junior gold company called Uranium Hunter Corp. (URHN).

URHN has huge prospects with massive new gold discoveries… but it still has a very low share price.

Because of that, mere pocket change could become a small fortune nearly overnight!

Our forecast suggests that URHN could rapidly treat you to a minimum gain of 1,329% in the next nine months.

Because of its combustible potential every $5,000 you place on URHN today could return you $66,250.

This is what the world-renowned gold authority Doug Casey meant when he said… “I think we're likely to go into a gold mania that's going to be a mania for the record books. It's going to be a super-bubble… You only need one of those if you have a halfway descent position in it, once in a lifetime.”

So hang with us for a moment as we show you why this situation could become one of the biggest moneymakers of your lifetime…

…and why every share of URHN you buy today could
skyrocket as much as 13 times in the coming 9 months!

URHN is perfectly placed to feed the coming gold demand just as the new gold bonanza starts.

Because it’s already mining gold today… URHN has a special edge – a clear advantage – over other junior explorers that are still in the hope and pray stage.

Sadly for investors, most of those other companies will fail after coming up dry time and time again.

Now, While You Can Still Buy URHN For Pocket Change… Uranium Hunter Is Laying Out Plans To Crack Into Six Gold-Rich Mines!

But URHN looks to be set up for success.

Right now, URHN is set to begin operations on new mines in Cameroon and Guyana… immediately!

It is already pulling an ounce of gold a day from a test bore hole in Cameroon.

This small test has confirmed what geologists say about URHN’s six-concession property in Cameroon…

That it holds as much as 85,000 ounces of gold worth $140.2 million dollars at today’s (low) gold price.

URHN says it is on track to ramp up production to 6,000 grams a day.

Don’t Let This One Slip By You…
Make Your Move On URHN Today!

Again this is a rare situation for investors… a small gold explorer that’s actually discovered a huge amount of gold.

It’s even better luck for investors that, today, Uranium Hunter is still a small company.

Because it’s small URHN doesn’t need to generate a billion dollars in sales to reward its investors with millions in profits.

This is why you could see a 1,329% gain in a matter of months on URHN.

The timing is perfect because gold demand is about to get serious.

A dangerous shortage is forming right now.

Everything Today’s Media Is Telling
You About Gold Is Complete Bull****

That’s right, demand for gold looks set peak just as supplies near critical lows.

That makes URHN the perfect crisis investment… likely the year’s ultimate contrarian play.

Here’s why. When it comes to gold, what makes the news today is almost always pure BS.

Over and over, in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 pundits and market mavens told us gold would hit $5,000 easily… maybe even $10,000 an ounce or even more because of the global recession and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank’s strategy called “quantitative easing” (QE).

Sure enough, QE1 and QE2 flooded the U.S. monetary system with cash.

But the great gold blast off didn’t happen. At $1,800 gold stopped dead and turned south again.

Gold’s Big Thud Has Created A
Sudden Opportunity For You

How could the “experts” be so wrong so many times? Well, here’s what they were counting on:

More money = more inflation = falling dollar = rising gold.

But the pundits forgot the big key that unlocks everything in that equation….

Just as they have it wrong again this time.

This time, they are telling you gold is going down, but it’s about to blast off.

And this swift rise in gold’s price will have caught the major producers with their pants down… because they got greedy…

When gold’s price dipped under $1,700 they stopped mining…

But junior explorers, such as Uranium Hunter, kept plowing ahead… they were hungry and, quite frankly, not burdened by market expectations.

This opened a giant door into the market for small, smart companies like URHN.

Gold Is Set To Soar…
But The “Smart Money” Will Get Left Behind

Blue-blood investors and modern computer programs have never seen an investment time such as these.

They will get left behind, all while you could thrive on URHN.

You see, the Fed’s QE programs only deposited cash reserves in central banks.

And the banks sat on them. There isn’t “more money” circulating out here in the real world.

That’s why gold’s last surge stalled almost two years ago.

That rise was based on fear. There was nothing else to keep it going. But now things are set to change drastically.

The key to the 2013 gold revival is confidence, not fear.

The banks are about to start lending from those massive QE cash reserves at last. Probably in the next 3-6 months.

Then the money will hit the fan!

And, by then, URHN shares could have soared 13 times higher, turning your petty cash into a small fortune.

The Amazing New Customer
That Ate Our Gold Supply

The unlocking of the QE cash reserves are just half the reason why gold is about to boom.

The coming gold shortage is the match that will ignite the dynamite under gold’s price.

It’s all about short supply and growing demand.

  • One new customer—gold ETF’s are already gobbling up gold at a pace never seen before in history. ETFs are buying more gold than most central banks!
  • And central banks themselves are still hoarding gold.
  • Meanwhile, most gold mining areas are stressed. Environmentalists want to shut down mines (Australia, the U.S. and Canada), or governments have piled on with new taxes and restrictive laws (Brazil, Chile, Peru, Namibia, China…).

One astute analyst went behind the cover story on gold supply and demand and calculated that the World Gold Council’s own report shows gold demand is six times as strong as new gold supply!

2013 Supply Crisis Favors Uranium Hunter Today

Last year, world central banks bought 97.6 tons of gold.

China and India are buying, too.

In fact, China is so hungry for gold that the top four merger and acquisition deals in gold mining were financed by Chinese investors in 2011 and 2012 according to prestigious PWC consulting. China’s on the prowl now, because Chinese gold mining is at home is slowing rapidly.

Suddenly URHN is at the perfect place in history… ready to bring on the gold in a world where it is becoming more scarce.

This is the future of gold for small companies, not big ones.

Look at the facts.

Gold’s price has gone up more than 500% since 2000, but gold production is lower than it was 12 years ago.

The majors are failing when they had the chance to be winners.

But the truth is the big companies are dinosaurs. They just can’t scramble fast enough. A look at URHN’s prospects will tell you why…

If Forecasted Demand For Gold Dramatically Outstrips Supply, URHN’s Cameroon and Guyana Stakes Could Be Worth Hundreds Of Millions More

As you’ve seen, URHN is on the ground today in Cameroon, already pulling gold out of the ground in gold fields that could contain a staggering 85,000 ounces of gold, worth more than $140 million, at today’s low price.

Here’s another staggering fact, the margins on gold are around 40%.

Yet, in such a huge-profit business, big mining sites are in big trouble.

Harmony Gold is shutting down a massive South African mine because of violent labor problems. Gold Fields is shutting three South African mines, and expects a 110,000-ounce loss in output.

In Australia, miners have shut down $40 billion worth of mines for environmental reasons.

But URHN is sitting pretty.

None of these problems stalk its Cameroon and Guyana concessions.

Both countries have excellent, stable labor forces, hungry to work.

And they are mining friendly.

Cameroon Wants URHN In

In fact, Cameroon’s Law No. 2001 allows foreign companies to establish exclusive mineral rights.

They have a full year to reconnoiter areas up to 10,000 square kilometers. The right is renewable. Then a prospecting permit for three years allows them to hire, fire and choose suppliers as they see fit.

A new 2011 law was passed especially to help small producers. And the mining code is great, taxes are low with a 2.5% royalty fee, 10% free carried for the government.

This is why URHN, with known reserves of 85,000 ounces worth about $140 million could be your gold play of a lifetime.

But only if you act now while URHN shares trade for pennies… because URHN says even though it is ramping up production in Cameroon, it could still generate $5 million to $10 million in revenue this year.

Numbers like that means this small gold explorer will generate revenues equal to 7 cents a share… which could translate into a 1,329% gain for you.

No matter how you play URHN, this is a potential huge payday.

And, it’s why you must act swiftly, because it’s reasonable to expect the stock to begin rising rapidly once the numbers are in.

So, in just a matter of weeks, URHN shares could begin to soar and you could be sitting back, counting your gains…

$5,000 could quickly become $66,250
$25,000 could swiftly turn into $331, 250

But you need to get in while the stock is still low!

Guyana… Open For Business…
Welcomes URHN With Open Arms

Farther out, URHN’s future seems just as bright.

It has claimed six concessions in potentially rich Guyana gold field. There, URHN has a 45% equity stake on 6.346 acres.

Like Cameroon, Guyana is mining friendly, and foreign companies can enter the country through joint ventures with Guyanese companies.

And in fact, there is no restriction on how large a slice the foreign company can take.

Guyana is just starting to heat up.

The country’s mines produced 363,000 ounces in 2011 and jumped 15% in 2012 to 416,000 ounces.

Expect that growth rate to stay strong. URHN’s Guyana concessions are just in exploration but likely can bring up gold without going into a deep mine.

It just makes everything better.

Huge Gains Are Made By Investors Who Grab
Onto Gold Explorers At The Very Beginning

All the reasons add up.

URHN is a rare chance to capture the beginning of gold’s next surge and line your own pockets with hefty 13X rewards.

  • Share prices are still low—around 2 cents. You can take a significant position for a bargain price.
  • URHN already has concessions on proven reserves in Cameroon—and it’s already mining them.
  • Mining-friendly Guyana, a stable country of South America could add as much again.
  • Expected revenues of $5-$10 million in such a young company could easily push its share price up more than 13X in the next six months.
  • Cameroon and Guyana are both low-tax countries where governments treat miners well.
  • With massive QE cash reserves about to hit the street more money will lead to more spending, more inflation and higher gold prices this time.
  • The majors are crippled. Too big to move quickly and much too big to profit on small to mid-size prospects.
  • This is your chance to turn $5,000 into $66,250… $10,000 into 132,500 or $20,000 into more than a quarter-million dollars in months.

We suggest you call your broker
and tell him about URHN now

Let him check it out for you.

If he knows anything about gold mining stocks, he’ll tell you this is it. This is potentially your next huge winner.

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